This year’s Floor Wars at FWA 2019 will be 1-versus-1 Mixed Division, or in other words, everyone vs. everyone! This means fursuiters and non-suiters will compete against each other in the same division, completely randomized. We’re exploring this format in order to continue providing competitors with options as to how they compete, while maintaining the same excitement you see in one-on-one action.

Read all the rules of Floor Wars!

IMPORTANT:This year, we will be starting to implement a “Floor Wars Qualifier” event that ALL dancers must attend in order to qualify for the main event. Check the FWA Programming schedule for the Qualifier times. The Qualifier will follow the same battle format and rules as the main event.

1-versus-1 Sign UpsOne-on-one action, fursuiters and nonsuiters. Simple, savage, and 🔥spicy🔥

Online signups will be available until a week before the convention, and in-person signups available until the battles start!