The furry fandom’s first dance crew.


Anthrocon 2020 – Online Dance Competition

By Ronnie – Updated June 5th, 2020

We’ve been quiet for the first half of the year with everyone weathering the chaotic events happening globally – our crew has been doing our best as individuals to continue contributing to our communities, and holding our heads up in the face of tough times.

That said, we have an announcement regarding our next event: with Anthrocon 2020 being cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, we’ve had numerous requests to host an online competition. After seeing the success of Furry Weekend Atlanta’s online dance competition, we’re going to be experimenting with our own!

Sign-ups and information are now open for the Anthrocon 2020 Online Dance Competition and can be found on our Sign-ups page.

Floor Wars will not be a part of this online event, and will return in 2021.



Last-Fur-One’s motivation stems from their collective mindset on dance: love, energy, and support for other dancers. Founding members Ronnie, Atsu, and Mozee after Anthrocon 2010, and¬†quickly found other crew¬†members through dance competitions and through the vast network of ‘DancerFurs’, the community of furry dancers. At Anthrocon 2011 they made their first crew debut with their ‘Dance Workshop‘, which ran successfully and has continued to do so this day.

At Anthrocon 2012, Last-Fur-One introduced their signature event that changed the face of furry dancing events forever: Floor Wars, a head-to-head dance battle competition with fierce action and spectacular performances. It has now been adopted by many other furry conventions around the world and is one of the furry fandom’s most exciting events.

As the crew continues to spread their events and love of dance, they are always dreaming about pushing their limits even further and making a bigger impact in the furry community with each year.

(left-to-right, top-to-bottom): Ronnie, Atsu, Kwik, Flipsta, Remix, Blue, Doryuu, Fufu, Phor


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Anthrocon – Floor Wars

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Furry Weekend Atlanta – Floor Wars

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Midwest Furfest – Floor Wars

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