Midwest Furfest 2019 – Floor Wars

By Atsu Fawx – Updated September 17th, 2019

Winter is coming.

And that means the largest furry convention in the world is coming with it! We’re getting closer to Midwest Furfest. And as you can expect, we’re bringing one of the most anticipated events back in a brand new unique way!

Floor Wars will be making a come back for another run as a main event at MFF’19.


As we previously did with Anthrocon this year, Floor Wars will be having a qualifying preliminary event held the day prior to the main event.

This year, teams of dancers will be battling it out to claim top spot! This is looking like it will be one of the biggest and most hype Floor Wars yet, so get your team together and come prepared!

Sign-ups are now open for Floor Wars and can be found on our Sign-ups page.