This year’s Floor Wars will be two division: 3-versus-3 Mixed Division, and 1-versus-1 Nonsuit Division! Please remember to read all the rules of Floor Wars!

IMPORTANT: This year, we will be starting to implement a “Floor Wars Qualifier” event that ALL dancers must attend in order to qualify for the main event. It will be held on Friday, November 30th at 3:30 PM CST for all dancers who have signed up. The Qualifier will follow the same battle format and rules as the main event.

Sign ups have closed for MFF 2018! We hope to see you at the main event!

3-versus-3 Mixed Category: Teams will be comprised of one non-suit dancer, one fursuit-dancer, and a free choice for the third member. In case you’re wondering, you can see an example of the action (YouTube).

1-versus-1 Nonsuit CategoryOne-on-one action. Plain, simple, and 🔥spicy🔥.