Dance Competition Rules & Format

Anthrocon 2019 Fursuit Dance Competition Rules

For Anthrocon 2019, we will be removing the category system that was previously used for Novice and Veteran. Instead, competitors will now be competing in a choreography-style audition to qualify for the Finals performance on Sunday noon.

Signing Up, Rules, and Requirements

Signing up for the dance competition occurs throughout the months of May to July, all the way up until the day before the convention starts (Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 at midnight). For Anthrocon 2019, sign-up restrictions are as follows:

  • Soloists and groups will sign up with the same form. However, all dancers are only allowed to participate in one act – you can’t sign up for both a solo and team performance.
  • As per organizer decision for Anthrocon 2019, sign-ups will only take place online. We will NOT be accepting at-the-door registrations in the interest of time and convenience to the other dancers. SIGN-UPS ONLINE WILL CONCLUDE ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 3RD, 2019 AT 11:59 PM EST.
  • The competition has been designated as a PG-13 event, due to the nature of dancing events. Please keep in mind that content may be rated as such, from music selection to theming.

The event organizer(s) reserve the right to make executive decisions for group performances in the event where specific situations may occur.


  • This is a FURSUIT dance competition – other forms of costume will not be eligible.
    • Minimum fursuit requirements are: Head, Hands, Tail, Feet. Your fursuit should stay on you at all times during performance, unless in case of medical emergency.
    • Any “substitute” fursuit parts, such as Happy Feet (plush-shaped sneakers) or alternative footwear, must be notified to the competition organizer(s) and approved
  • Only ORIGINAL dance routines and choreography may be used – we will not tolerate plagiarism. An intentional or blatant copy of a pre-existing choreography, with proof, will result in an instant revocations of any awards given, and a one-year ban period.
  • Props: Only small clothing or “accessory” props (e.g. a cane) are allowed to be used, and must be cleared by the competition organizers before use. You can obtain clearance/permission beforehand by mailing, or at the preliminaries event. Props that are not cleared, and brought to the Finals performance will not be allowed.
  • Malicious, lewd, or profane content or behaviour in any part of a performer’s dance is not allowed under any circumstances.


All competitors must have a song to dance to in the Preliminaries – it can be part of your Finals music, or another song entirely. Competitors are responsible for having all of their media for performing in both Preliminaries and Finals. When submitting, please submit your music with the following format:


For example: SPOTTY_Prelims.mp3 (if you’re submitting a Prelims song), or TEAMSPOTTY_Finals.mp3 (if you’re submitting a Finals song)

Please submit files in as high quality as possible, minimum 128Kbit in MP3 or WAV format. These will be pulled from the online drive and transferred to A/V after the event as finalists are determined. We are also able to accept submissions in-person; however, we encourage you to submit your music as soon as possible for convenience.

Music regulations are as follows:

  • Solo Competitors must submit songs no longer than 2:00 minutes – any longer will be manually faded out.
  • Group Competitors are allowed an extra 30 seconds per additional member (default is 2 minutes for 1 member) – up to a maximum of 4 minutes for 6 competitors.
  • All songs must be censored to a radio edit “clean” rating. Failure to do so will result in removal from the competition.

See further limitations on showcase music within the Finals section of the rules. We will NOT be accepting file transfers through phones, music players, CDs, or other forms of portable media unless notified in advance – please email us in advance of physical transfer.

Competition Format

Preliminaries – Friday Afternoon

Attendance: Competitors must arrive at the preliminaries venue at least 15 minutes prior to the event. The preliminaries will be CLOSED DOOR – no audience allowed, except for handlers and event staff. At 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, the event organizers will start roll call. Dancers are expected to be in full costume and ready to dance.

Competition Style: Competitors must dance in the costume intended for the finals. Competitors will be brought up individually and perform their maximum 1-minute audition to the song of their choice. During this time, all dancers are expected to perform to their best ability in order to qualify for the Finals.

Judging: Judges will be asked to independently approve a specified number the competitors for the heat (a yes/no decision). Factors in decision-making can include, but are not limited to:

  • Unique moves and variety
  • Quality of dance and execution
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Showmanship / crowd appeal

On a given round, all competitors who receive a unanimous yes vote by the judges will be given a bye into the finals. For the Anthrocon 2018 preliminaries, we will implement the Preliminaries system so that no callbacks are required – results will be posted online later in the day.

Finals – Sunday Afternoon

Attendance: Finalists must arrive at the finals venue at least 30 minutes prior to the event. Programming schedules may or may not allow finalists the opportunity to block their routine on the stage. The order of final acts will be shared at the event. If a dancer does not show up by the time the first final act is called to perform, that act will automatically be scratched from the competition. Dancers are expected to be in full costume and stay for the entire event.

Music: Solo routines are to be no longer than 2:00. For each additional person in group choreography, an additional 0:30 is allowed per person, with a maximum of 4:00. For example, a two-person piece can be max 2:30, and a four-person piece can be max 3:30, but a six-person piece is restricted to max 4:00. If the music exceeds the max limit, the music will fade out at that point. Routines (music and choreography) should be censored to a radio edit rating. Not adhering to this rule can result in disqualification.

Competition Style: Finalists will dance their showcase routine on an elevated stage (approx. 20’x36’ accounting for speakers, lights, and tables on stage) with a traditional orchestra theatre seated audience with the judging panel on the “side” of the performance area. It is assumed that the music will begin when competitors are in the middle of the dance floor. However, if the music should begin at an alternative cue, it should be made known to the competition team during the staging time prior to the event to notify A/V.

Judging: Judges will be asked to rank all acts within the same category (Novice and Veteran, and Group, if applicable) in comparison to each other, and are encouraged to rank each act that has competed as the showcases are performed. Therefore, by the end of the competition, each judge will have independently given each finalist a placement, with no ties. See the example below, where for 1 judge, the first finalist is rank 1 after the first routine, but has dropped to rank 3 by the fourth routine:

Placement: The final marks from each judge will be added together, (1st place gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points, etc.), with lower overall scores achieving higher ranks similar to scoring systems used for golf. The scores are combined to neutralize any singular judge’s influence on the ranks. In the event of a final score tie, individual judges’ marks will be considered to break the tie, where the finalist with more higher placements after considering judges’ marks up to the rank of the placement (or beyond if ties persist).

Prizes: Prizes for the finalists of the dance competition will be determined closer to the convention. Historically, prizes have come in the form of plaques and/or medals distributed to the three highest-ranking competitors in the senior category. As a side note, the event organizers would like to encourage that Anthrocon’s Dance Competition is first and foremost an event to enjoy and have fun at – we promote an environment and event that is focused on the community and performing for it, rather than competing for status or reward.

Disclaimer Notice

By signing up for the Anthrocon 2018 Fursuit Dance Competition, you agree to adhere to all rules and regulations set forth in this document, and any others explicitly stated by the event organizer(s) before and during the Preliminaries and/or Finals events. The event organizers may also change or remove certain rules or stipulations depending on their collective assessment of situations, should they merit review. They also have the right to revoke a competitor’s registration and eligibility to the competition based on reasonable grounds.

All competitors also acknowledge and understand that their image, or likeness of image, may be used in media representations whether by individuals or media corporations that have been given explicit permission by Anthrocon Inc. during the Finals event on Sunday. These representations will not be used for monetary profit, and simply for the promotion of Anthrocon and its affiliated events. Questions or concerns may be directed to the address below.

In addition to adhering to the rules of the Anthrocon 2018 Fursuit Dance Competition, all registered participants also agree to adhere by all rules set forth by the Anthrocon Attendee Code of Conduct, which can be found on Anthrocon’s website ( All participants must be in good standing with Anthrocon Inc. and be registered with the convention in order to participate. Furthermore, all participants of the dance competition shall not hold Anthrocon liable for any damages/injuries to participants incurred at the convention and its events, including the Dance Competition. Any complaints or concerns regarding this event, or with the venue hosted in, can be made to

On behalf of all those involved with the dance competition, we hope to see you join us at Anthrocon for the Fursuit Dance Competition!